Baby Disposable Diapers DOLLANO BABY




  • The DOLLANO BABY STANDARD baby diapers were developed by DOLLANO company experts and produced using the most modern technologies
  • Everything is checked and repeatedly tested in European laboratories.
  • The DOLLANO STANDARD diapers have good absorbing properties, especially thanks to the presence of the SAP absorbent, corresponding to the STANDARD line quality
  • Your baby will last without difficulties for up to 6 hours without diaper change
  • It doesn’t lack elastic edge at the back part of the diaper which prevent leakage.
  • Fastening strips adapt to the baby’s belly
  • The diapers are extra soft and highly breathable
  • The diapers are very ecological, they are made without latex and other harmful substances
  • The DOLLANO BABY PREMIUM diaper core is not bleached by chlorine and thus is not perfumed
  • Diapers are very gentle to your baby’s skin.
  • Your baby will feel satisfied, like in a fairy tale, brought by the Little Mole diapers.


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