How to properly take care of the baby’s skin?

Change your baby with love and care

The bigger your baby is, the more difficult it is to change the baby. But at the same time there is a great space for playfulness, with which you can take care of your beloved baby, because from the moment your baby learns to turn over on its own, changing your baby will always be an adventure. And it’s only up to you if full of crying and defiance or full of play and fun.

Každé miminko i batole, pokud ještě stále používáte pleny, je třeba několikrát denně přebalit. Pro mnohé maminky je to každodenní boj s rozdováděným a nepolapitelným potomkem ve stylu: Chyť si dítě. Samozřejmě, že záleží na věku dítěte a trpělivosti maminky, jak vše bude probíhat. Napadlo vás ale už, jak hezké by každé přebalování mohlo být, kdybyste své děťátko zapojila a vše pojala hravě. Ano, samozřejmě, hezky se to píše, maminky na mateřské jsou často unavené tak, že na některé serepetičky už zkrátka nemají energii. Když se ale při přebalování nebudete se svým děťátkem muset neustále takto potýkat, energie budete mít daleko víc.

Always have everything ready at hand

Let’s take it strictly practically. Number 1: Always have everything ready at hand. If you have a smaller baby, you can’t leave it alone. If your baby is a little bigger, it will be ruuning away or it will be taking everything away from you. It is therefore good to have everything at hand and at the same time out of the baby’s reach.

The truth is, that you will not entertain your babies too much during changing. And the faster the changing is, the better. However, it should not become a sprint race. For many mummuies it is helpful in such situations not only to talk to their babies, but also to start singing to them. Does your baby have a favourite song? Bring it on. For bigger babies it works to play with them cuddle them and to tickle them.

Bigger babies and toddlers can play while changing.

This advice is surely known to many mummies from their mothers and grandmothers. Entertain your baby by giving it some toy, or even a lotion, which you use for its bottom. Every baby has two development phases from this point of view: Before it learns to open the lotion. And after that.

If your baby is in the first phase, everything is easier by far. It just plays with the tube or tub and it tries to figure out what to do with it. It touches, and preferably, tastes everything, it tries to bite through the tube with it first three teeth. And it gets entertained for a while.

Once it can open the lotion, genuine entertainment begins. Regardless the type of lid, after the baby opens it, it tries to get involved in the diaper changing. And so it is sometimes necessary to change not only the baby, but yourself. Everything is covered in lotion. Literally everything.

Bigger babies sometimes also enthusiastically cooperate with mummies. They bring a new diaper on their own. They play. Sometimes the play means that the baby runs away right after taking the diaper off and the greatest fun for it is that the mummy is running after it around the entire flat. So what, try to enjoy this game with your little one. Please it, show it love. After all they will hear – “No, you can’t. No, don’t” – more than enough in their life.

Purely practical advice

Most mummies, based on advices from older women, their mothers and grandmothers, initially also buy powder for their babies. Soon however you will find out that the last time powder was needed was when you yourselves were babies. And that the last woman that was using was indeed your mother.

Balms completely cover everything nowadays. Basically, all you need is two types at hand – one for prevention and one for rash. When babies are very small, it is good to apply the balm on the baby’s bottom every diaper changing. The bigger they are the less often is needed.

If you use napkins to clean your baby’s bottom, when changing diapers, then choose the unperfumed and hypoallergic ones so you don’t irritate its sensitive skin. From experience, you will however find out that the best and most practical thing is to use fabric washcloths. And to simply wash them. It is cheaper and more sensitive to your baby’s bottom. And bigger children can have their bottoms washed simply in a bathtub. Who wouldn’t want to play pirates or waterfall games like this during the day, what do you say?

16. 2. 2017