The positive influence of baby diapers on hip development

Baby birth is among the most beautiful moments in woman’s life and all parents wish their baby to be above all healthy. The new born baby goes through series of basic examinations, that should uncover possible discrepancies, already at the maternity hospital. One of them is focused on the right hip development. There is no need to worry, in overwhelming majority of cases everything is alright. If some deviation comes up anyway, even then the mummies do not need to be in despair. The doctors will advise on how to proceed at the infant’s diaper change.

It is not yet quite clear, why some children are born with hip joint displace and some are not. It shows that girls, first born babies and those with higher birth weight suffer with it more. The state of the hip joint is checked repeatedly. The first examination is done by the doctors roughly 2nd – 4th day after birth, for another one parents with babies are invited in the 6th week, the third and final one takes place between 12th and 16th week.

The examination is pain free and gentle, however the baby cries, because the leg manipulation is unpleasant for them. Apart from this mechanical hip movement assessment, an ultrasound examination is also done.

As far as minor development deviations are concerned, the parents get instructions on how to tie the diapers, so that the hip joint is in the right position to the hip socket. It is nothing difficult and if the parents follow the instructions thoroughly, further check-up usually confirms, that everything is on the right path.

Once, when fabric diapers were used exclusively, two to three were each folded in thirds, then they were put on top of each other and such wide strip of fabric ensured that the baby’s legs were just so apart that the hips could develop well. It was called “wide wrapping”. As the baby’s state was getting gradually better, mummies were taking the diapers away, so that two were used instead of three and eventually just one was used.

More than one mummy is not too sure how to proceed when disposable diapers are used and is afraid that she must give this comfort up. These doubts are useless. To move the legs apart, it is sufficient to tie the fabric diaper on top of the disposable diaper. At first, it requires a bit of patience from both the mummy and the baby, but as soon as the new born baby gets used to it and the mummy gains the needed routine, it’s a win. This, however, is just a general method. Every doctor will explain to the parents in detail how to take care of the baby with the hip joint displace, with respect to its individual health condition.

7. 2. 2017