13. 12. 2016

Reference by a customer Kate / Pardubice, The Czech Republic

This time, me and my son, we got seriously busy with testing disposable diapers from DOLLANO, that makes diapers also for adults, but about that, maybe another time :-)

The first thing that got my attention, is the way it looks. The little mole just catches everyone’s attention. My little Chris likes to study the diapers (used ones too, unfortunately) and he hates to give them up, so changing becomes more of a tug-of-war

Again, I must point out that I am a conservative sceptic, so I hate to change things that work. But for you, mummies, we got into it with Chris :-)

Already with my first son, I was using the in advertisement hackneyed diapers and was happy. However, our everyday life doesn’t resemble advertisement and I’m not finding dry and smiling baby in bed after a 12hour satisfying sleep in the morning. It’s not an exception that the diaper is completely wet, but it is an absolute exception that our night creature would sleep without waking up, so in most cases I have a chance to change it and so minimalize the morning “wetting”, yet dry vs wet diaper is about fifty-fifty.

We got the whole pack of DOLLANO BABY PREMIUM to try out and out of a total of 68 attempts we report 4 accidents with leakage. Not a single case of “brown” accident. Which is a very surprising result. Pleasantly surprising. I must note that the tested size was on the edge and our stout guy would be worthy the next weight category, then he probably wouldn’t wake up wet even once, hard to say. I am very happy with the material, the diapers don’t stink, they are super absorbent, even when “soaked up” a lot, they are dry on touch. During the whole time while using, there was no sign of diaper rush. I guess I’m just going to be praising, as embarrassing as it is, however the adjustable zip-up strips and the flexible edge at the rear part, which prevents leakage are very satisfactory for me. The producer guarantees, that the diapers are very ecological, because they are produced without latex and other harmful substances. On top of that, the DOLLANO BABY PREMIUM diaper core is not bleached with chlorine, therefore is not perfumed. This will surely be happily read by every mother. I am not saying that I will never go back to the previously used diapers, but the main reason will be their availability even in our village :-)

You can choose from 4 sizes in each, the Standard and the Premium, line and a Luxury line should also be added in the future, including further products for baby changing and baby care.

Dear mummies, dear ladies, these diapers are at least worth a try and getting convinced. With clear conscience and bottom, we recommend them :-)