How to take good care of the skin of your new born baby

The right skin care

How to take good care of the skin of your new born baby

Every mummy is sure worried with the question of how to take good care of her new born child, who’s skin is so soft and flawless. You are right, because this also is part of baby care. You have surely met with various products, with different compositions and different price, which can be very high, but what really is gentle and appropriate for your child?

Why is it actually so important to ointment the skin?

Every child has different needs and can tolerate only something on its skin, therefore it is very important to figure out in time the product, which does not bring unwanted effects, such as rashes, red spots on the skin etc. to your baby. Babies need the right care, because their skin must be hydrated, produce protective filter and absorb nourishing substances. This ritual can be linked also with a massage, with which your new born baby will surely fall in love.

When is it appropriate to hydrate the skin?

It is difficult with this question, it actually depends on what type of skin your new born has. If the skin is always dry, it should be treated several times a day. In the majority of cases, however only after bathing, but don’t forget the fact, that even the right choice of soap has its influence. Baby soaps should be unperfumed, abirritative, but most of all caring and containing hydrating substances.

From my own experience I can confirm, that some children have even extremely sensitive skin and the only thing that the baby tolerated was intimate gel with no aroma.

What product to choose?

Now we are getting to the question of which product is the right one. It can happen, that you initially choose wrong, but that simply happens sometimes. As mentioned already, there are many products, but by choosing natural products, you can’t go wrong. On the contrary, it will be more natural for your baby and the skin will not have to absorb any useless chemical substances.

To sum it up. Do not forget that every child has different needs. One child will be ok with an ordinary oil, another with a branded body lotion, therefore you will figure the right skin care method for your new born baby on your own with time, according to its needs.

14. 2. 2017